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Image Type Resolution Dimension (Pixels)   Size (Inches) Price (USD)* File Format
WEB 480DPI 1080 x 1080 For Web Use only 10 to 251 JPEG
SMALL 480DPI 4000 X 4000 8.33” x 8.33” at 480 dpi 10 to 551 JPEG
MEDIUM 480DPI 6000 X 6000 12.5” x 12.5” at 480 dpi 11 to 751 JPEG


LARGE 480DPI 12000 X 12000 25” x 25” at 480 dpi 100 to 1001 TIFF

This design is currently available in medium size.

This is a variable product.



Introducing MAHASHANKH’s Exquisite Digital Surface Pattern Designs: Elevate Your Creative Vision with Unparalleled Detail!

Discover the pinnacle of artistic craftsmanship with our mesmerizing 6000×6000 pixels digital surface pattern designs, meticulously crafted at an impressive 480 DPI resolution. MAHASHANKH has redefined the boundaries of creativity, offering you a canvas of endless possibilities to transform your projects into visual masterpieces.

🎨 Unmatched Detail and Clarity  : Our high-resolution patterns captivate with astonishing clarity and precision. Every element, every stroke, every color gradient comes to life, ensuring your designs are nothing short of spectacular.

🌟 Versatile Application  : Whether you’re in fashion, interior design, product packaging, or any industry craving aesthetic perfection, MAHASHANKH’s patterns seamlessly integrate into your vision. Adorn fabrics, wallpapers, digital interfaces, and countless other surfaces with flair.

🌺 Breathtaking Aesthetics : Explore a world of creativity with MAHASHANKH’s diverse design collection. From intricate florals to contemporary geometrics and everything in between, our patterns enchant with their captivating aesthetics.

📦 Boost Brand Presence : Elevate your brand’s image with our patterns on product packaging. Be it food, fashion, or tech accessories, our designs ensure that your products stand out and make a lasting impression.

💻 Digital Prowess : Our 6000×6000 pixels patterns are tailored for digital interfaces, giving your websites and apps a fresh, engaging look. Create a user experience that’s not just functional but visually stunning.

Endless Inspiration : Unlock a world of artistic possibilities and ignite your creativity. MAHASHANKH’s digital surface pattern designs are a constant source of inspiration for artists, designers, and crafters alike.

🌐 Global Appeal : MAHASHANKH’s patterns are designed with a universal appeal, making them perfect for a global audience. Break boundaries and transcend cultural barriers with our designs.

🛍️ Instant Access : Say goodbye to time-consuming design processes. Our digital patterns are readily available for instant download, ensuring your projects move forward at a lightning pace.

🌠 Experience the MAHASHANKH Difference  : Join the league of creative visionaries who choose MAHASHANKH for their surface pattern design needs. Experience the transformative power of high-resolution patterns that leave a mark.

Make your creative projects unforgettable with MAHASHANKH‘s 6000×6000 pixels digital surface pattern designs at 480 DPI. It’s time to redefine excellence, break the limits of creativity, and bring your vision to life with breathtaking clarity and unmatched beauty. Explore our world of patterns today and let your imagination soar like never before!


  • Terms and Conditions:
    – This Design is Comes in the Categories of MAHASHANKH DEDICATED DESIGN.
    – Taxes are applicable and will be charged additionally.
    – Downloaded videos/designs cannot be returned or replaced.
    – The downloaded designs/videos can be used for lifetime.
    – The downloaded designs/videos are provided under a Royalty-Free License.
    – Unlimited usage is permitted in print, advertising, packaging, and merchandising.
    – The customer is prohibited from reselling, sublicensing, or distributing the design.
    – The downloaded designs/videos have an Exclusive License with some restrictions.
    – Customer Can Customize this design according to their uses but any pieces of design they can not claim design was created by him nor resell it as his work [design/media].
    – Please review the End-User License Agreement for usage guidelines regarding the designs/videos.

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