Here’s a random list of 15 top wallpaper design companies along with brief descriptions about each of them

  1. Graham & Brown: A leading British wallpaper design company known for their innovative designs and trend-setting collections. They offer a wide range of wallpapers in various styles, from classic to contemporary, catering to diverse customer preferences.
  2. Cole & Son: With a heritage dating back to 1875, Cole & Son is an iconic British wallpaper manufacturer renowned for its exquisite handcrafted wallpapers. They blend traditional and contemporary elements, featuring nature-inspired patterns and historical motifs.
  3. Farrow & Ball: Farrow & Ball, based in the United Kingdom, is recognized for its luxurious and high-quality wallpapers. Their richly colored wallpapers with unique textures and exceptional craftsmanship often feature intricate patterns and subtle nuances.
  4. Osborne & Little: Osborne & Little is a British wallpaper and fabric design company founded in 1968. They offer wallpapers with artistic flair, incorporating bold prints, geometric patterns, and intricate designs to suit various interior design styles.
  5. Zoffany: Zoffany is a globally acclaimed luxury wallpaper and fabric brand that combines heritage-inspired designs with contemporary influences. Their wallpapers exude elegance and sophistication, drawing inspiration from art, history, and global cultures.
  6. Sanderson: Sanderson, established in 1860, is a British brand known for its timeless and quintessentially English wallpapers. Their diverse range of designs includes floral prints, traditional motifs, and contemporary patterns, reflecting a fusion of classic and modern aesthetics.
  7. Elitis: Elitis is a French wallpaper company renowned for its avant-garde and creative designs. Their wallpapers feature innovative materials, textures, and unconventional patterns, making them popular among interior designers seeking bold and unique statement pieces.
  8. Thibaut: Thibaut, an American company founded in 1886, offers a wide selection of wallpapers characterized by their traditional yet contemporary designs. They incorporate diverse themes, such as nature, culture, and history, into their collections, providing options for various interior design styles.
  9. Arte: Arte, a Belgian wallpaper manufacturer, is known for its luxurious and artistic wallpapers. They specialize in creating unique textures, patterns, and finishes, often using innovative materials and techniques to bring depth and visual interest to their designs.
  10. Eijffinger: Eijffinger, a Dutch wallpaper brand, is recognized for its creative and trend-setting designs. They offer a diverse range of wallpapers, from vibrant and playful patterns to sophisticated and understated options, catering to different tastes and interior design preferences.
  11. York Wallcoverings: York Wallcoverings, an American company, has been producing wallpapers since 1895. They offer a wide range of designs, including traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles, known for their quality, durability, and versatility.
  12. Brewster Home Fashions: Brewster Home Fashions is a leading wallpaper company with a wide selection of designs and collections. They cater to various design preferences, including modern, vintage, and eclectic styles, offering wallpapers that reflect current trends and timeless elegance.
  13. Rasch: Rasch, a German wallpaper manufacturer, combines tradition and innovation in their designs. Their wallpapers feature a mix of classic motifs and contemporary patterns, often incorporating sophisticated color palettes and textures.
  14. Rasch Textil: Rasch Textil is another prominent German company specializing in textile-based wallpapers. They offer a range of textured and fabric-backed wallpapers, providing a luxurious and tactile experience for interior spaces.
  15. Versace Home: Versace Home, an Italian brand, brings its signature luxury and opulence to the world of wallpapers. Their designs showcase intricate patterns, ornate details, and the iconic Versace aesthetic, creating a statement of grandeur and



Here’s a random list of the top 15 digital wallpaper design companies in the world, along with descriptions about each of them:

  1. Murals Wallpaper: Murals Wallpaper specializes in creating custom-made digital wallpapers that transform spaces with stunning, larger-than-life designs. They offer a vast collection of unique and eye-catching wallpapers to suit a variety of interior styles.
  2. Rebel Walls: Rebel Walls is a Swedish company that focuses on creating bold and expressive digital wallpapers. Their designs range from contemporary and abstract patterns to nature-inspired murals, allowing customers to personalize their spaces.
  3. Photowall: Photowall offers a wide range of digitally printed wallpapers that can be customized with personal photos or chosen from their extensive library of designs. They provide high-quality wallpapers in various styles, including landscapes, abstract art, and geometric patterns.
  4. Mr Perswall: Mr Perswall combines innovative technology with artistic designs to offer a diverse selection of digital wallpapers. They collaborate with renowned artists and designers to create unique and captivating wallpaper collections.
  5. Feathr: Feathr collaborates with a global community of artists to produce digitally printed wallpapers that showcase unique and imaginative designs. They embrace creativity and individuality, offering wallpapers that are true works of art.
  6. Flavor Paper: Flavor Paper is known for its vibrant and unconventional digitally printed wallpapers. They collaborate with artists and designers to create visually striking wallpapers that push the boundaries of traditional design.
  7. Anewall: Anewall specializes in creating custom-made, digitally printed wallpapers that add personality and style to any space. They offer a range of designs, including tropical prints, floral motifs, and modern abstract patterns.
  8. NLXL: NLXL is a Dutch brand that collaborates with renowned designers to create digitally printed wallpapers that are both contemporary and visually striking. Their designs often feature bold graphics, unique textures, and innovative patterns.
  9. Mineheart: Mineheart is a British brand that combines traditional design elements with digital techniques to create visually captivating wallpapers. Their collection includes a blend of classic patterns, surreal imagery, and modern interpretations.
  10. Wallsauce: Wallsauce offers a wide range of digitally printed wallpapers that can be customized to fit any wall size or shape. They collaborate with artists and photographers to provide an extensive collection of designs, including landscapes, cityscapes, and abstract art.
  11. Eazywallz: Eazywallz specializes in creating digitally printed wallpapers that are easy to install and remove. They offer a vast selection of designs, from nature-inspired murals to contemporary abstract patterns.
  12. Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor: Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor offers a curated collection of digitally printed wallpapers inspired by Nordic design principles. Their wallpapers often feature clean lines, nature motifs, and a minimalist aesthetic.
  13. Tektura: Tektura provides a wide range of digitally printed wallpapers suitable for commercial and residential spaces. They offer customizable designs, including geometric patterns, textured surfaces, and vibrant prints.
  14. Photowall Sweden: Photowall Sweden offers customizable digitally printed wallpapers that can be personalized with personal photos or chosen from their extensive library of designs. They provide high-quality wallpapers with a focus on Scandinavian aesthetics.
  15. Mahashankh Design: provides a wide range of digitally design wallpapers suitable for official, commercial and residential spaces. They offer customizable designs, including geometric patterns, textured surfaces, and vibrant prints. They provide design in two format 1.> Shared Design – This design is affordable to everyone, this design customers can use only for their personal projects, copyrights of design always remains to Mahashankh Design. 2.> Dedicated Design – This categories of designs are very luxurious & price are according to complexities of designs, any customer by this categories of design all rights of that design given to that customer.

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